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Buy a Membership- $79

The cages are available to members only if the facility is not booked. Please call before coming, to ensure there is a cage available. If there are multiple members present, you may have to share the cage time if there is not another available. There will be no reservations for the members and limit the time to 1/2 hour per visit. This membership is for individual use only. Everyone using the members’ cage must have a membership or they will be charged normal cage rental pricing. Memberships are 6-month commitment, and the start date will be the purchase date. If you have purchased a membership to get a discount on a program, you must keep your membership through the length of the program or package that you purchased, including lesson packages and or credits.


8 Sessions a month:
•.5 hr. walk-in cage usage

25% off event types:
•Camps & Clinics
•Private Lessons


These credit sessions will work for any private appointment based (lessons) sessions.
The credits are $5 each and will work for any instructor.
•    One, .5 hr. lesson with Linty Ingram or Chris Edelstein = 10 session credits
•    One, 1 hr. Lesson with Linty Ingram or Chris Edelstein = 20 session credits
The $900 package gets you-
With Linty Ingram and/or Chris Edelstein
Eighteen .5 hr. lessons 
Nine 1 hr. lessons 
With all other instructors
•    One, .5 hr. lesson with any other instructor = 9 session credits
•    One, 1 hr. Lesson with any other instructor = 18 session credits
Twenty .5 hr. lessons 
Ten 1 hr. lessons 
The pricing is $5 off for each lesson.
Here is how the savings breakdown-
Linty or Chris
Normal pricing- Eighteen .5 hr. lessons= $990 = savings of $90
Normal Pricing- Nine 1 hr. lessons= $945 = savings of $45
All other instructors
Normal pricing-Twenty .5 hr. lessons= $1000 = savings of $100
Normal pricing- Ten 1 hr. lessons= $950 = savings of $50
You can mix it up at your convenience and use other instructors. These passes give you more freedom of instructor use. Just remember if you are using any other instructor along with Chris or Linty, your sessions may not come out evenly at the end, but any remaining will carry over to a new package or your purchase will be discounted $5 for any remaining sessions left in the package.

These credits will work for LHP pickoffs, the normal price is $40 you will be charged 7 credits, which is $5 discount.

Members Receive an additional 17% off the package price.

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